We believe in science, engineering, and we also believe that Archery as a sport could be much faster and a whole lot of fun in the 21st century. So we created the Falco-Eye System - the Future of Archery.



It is a system that identifies the very exact point of the arrow in the target. It calculates the value of the score from these identified coordinates and after assessing the result it displays it on a screen (computer screen, projector, etc). It enables the archer to see the score immediately after the shooting.
The system identifies the arrow's distance from the center point with 0,2 mm accuracy - regardless of its size, type of material or the angle of shoot.
This accuracy is invisible for the human eye. It gets the score in 1 second starting from the moment the arrow hits the target.

The Falco-Eye System is fast and accurate, has a whole range of possibilities and with continuous development we keep finding new ways to make archery as a sport more and more fun and popular.